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If you installed that app, it would provide a way to track, somewhat, a stolen device, as long as it was still running. I have downloaded an evaluation copy of an application online. The way to turn an evaluation copy into a genuine copy is to register the software and pay for it. Obviously, they are not perfect and are probably not difficult to circumvent, but it might work in the case of your device being stolen by a non-sophisticated thief.

Has anyone here had an experience with PreyProject? Please answer me via E-mail sir…. It cannot. That feature only applies to certain routers in certain network layouts. It does NOT work outside of some very specific situations. My bt home hub 5 lets me see what devices are connected to it. I assumed they were left over from the times my isp has accessed my router to help sort variousproblems …but I guess they coukd be from anywhere including hackers?

However it is highly unlikely that these have anything to do with any equipment that your ISP may have used at any time in the past. You can do a lookup of a mac address to find out the Hardware Vendor and then use that information to help you determine which devices each mac address might represent. If your wireless network is open, the devices could be anything around your home within a reasonably short distance. Hi Leo first of all I must say this is a tremendously interesting forum that you have here and I have a question. That information is accessed by login.

I cancelled that account and reapplied so I could get the same rate as everybody else, using a friends name and Credit Card.

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Unfortunately probably through IP tracking he established that the new account which I opened was in fact mine I assume that this was done through IP tracking so I have arranged with my carrier to get a new IP address. My question is … once I have the new IP address is there any way for this thief 2 determine if it is me logging into the system and can he in fact find out my MAC address to identify me. What can you recommend I do to stop him knowing my new account is not me ….

Please help me. I think you have two choices: stop trying to hide who you are and pay the additional fee, or stop using that service completely. If the SIM card is removed, you phone would be untraceable unless you have a security program like PreyProject installed. Read the article you are commenting on. In the future on your next computer, you can install a program like Prey Project which can assist in tracing a lost or stolen computer. Then how can police trace the device if any stolen device connect to the Internet?

Suppose if a man get lost his smart phone or laptop. He complain regarding this issue to police with full purchase document than how corps can find that stolen device with location if theft connect with Internet? Note that it may also be a normal person that bought the laptop fron the tief. Dear sir Some one stolen my laptop please help me how to trace i have mac id. Please re-read it.

Then contact the appropriate authorities regarding the theft. Why would this utility even be created if it is impossible to track a MAC address from two separate networks? If I reset my computer to factory default will that change the mac address. It is someone I know who lives rather close to me who is manually connecting my computer via an apple airport tower and some how remotely connecting my computer, I find my bluetooth setting turned on sometimes, I have tried everything I have firevalult on encryption on.

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Im about to buy another computer. Can the MAC Address be traced by a purchase.

Like do retailers keep records of who purchased the device with that specific Mac address? I know that the first 6 characters are linked to a manufacturer, but can the entire MAC Address be traced to the original buyer, maybe if they bought tge item by credit card or other payment method? Possible, I suppose, but highly unlikely. And also something that might vary from one retailer to another. In my case the ex-wife took 2 iPads and a laptop and cash. I took it as no chance to recover.

After about a year an iPad appeared. Mom said it was from a Verizon promotion, free when you buy her model of mobile phone. Apple and Verizon both never heard of a promotion like that.

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Its only one step in the chain of communication. Please say yes. No one that steals a laptop is going to change the wireless card aka the mac addy. My bicycle was stolen last week, and I think it would be a waste of time driving around looking for it even though it would be much easier than driving around stopping at every house looking for a MAC address. I will be very thankful to you if you will help me for the same. I will pay fees also for the same. Please read the article you are commenting on. It answers your question. We cannot help.

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That would make it impossible to identify the device remotely the way you can with a phone. The phone has the IMEI which is necessary for connecting to the mobile network. It is connected to the wireless network card in the computer. In the case of a laptop, this is usually embedded in the motherboard, but can be circumvented by using a USM wireless card.

Ok, so if I understand you correctly, MAC for tracking is a non issue. What if the device broadcasts or searches for a firmware update? Is this not MAC specific and directed only back to the requestor device? I am in the process of installing and connecting through another connection for my office. The wireless feature has been removed from the modem and will be disabled from the get go.

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The modem and computer will not be connected to the outside world, but only to the WWW through ethernet. So, no intrusion or attacks may be suffered. NO chance, basically. PC has been reformatted, OS reinstalled. I had the same question. I would like to know even if I take all the necessary precautions what can a hacker do with a stolen mac address. Should I add another router with disabled antennas to increase the security regarding mac addresses?

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I had to save all e-mails offline, including other information and all accounts have been scheduled for deletion, and ultimately even my hotmail email accounts have to be deleted. So, If I have done the needful what can a hacker do, through the internet, with a stolen PC mac address. Again, I will not be connected through the wifi antennas to the outside world or any other device to the PC or the ISPs modem, right form the start.

I have had to request delinking of information from my bank accounts as well, as well as putting the internet banking facility off. I have taken care of that end by understanding that these accounts record IPs and update the devices and will not be logging onto them through the ethernet PC. Infact they will all be deleted and I will access them through the wireless setup only through a different machine connected to the wireless. So for e. So the PC will be afresh with an internet connected in the manner I described above, with the antennas clipped form the start and everything refreshed.

My query is regarding the stolen mac addresses only.