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You also need to find apps to cover all kinds of issues related to optimization, organization, security, and productivity. As soon as you switch from PC to Mac, you realize that sadly not all apps you loved and used daily are available on macOS. So naturally you need to find suitable replacements. The good news is Mac has an abundance of great apps for everything you need. But how do you choose and decide which ones are worth your time?

Mac Users Should Ditch Google Chrome for Safari

Setapp is a collection of more than essential apps and utilities for Mac that cover all possible use cases and scenarios. All apps in the collection are automatically updated to their latest versions and new apps are added regularly. Discover new apps that are the best at what they do? Here is an essential introductory set of some of the apps featured on Setapp that every new Mac users should have. A lightweight utility performing a vital role, Bartender keeps your menu bar clean and tidy.

As you use your Mac more and more, every new app would want to be featured in your menu bar top-right corner.

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Bartender lets you hide them under a single icon and feature just those you need to use right at the moment. Disk Drill solves that problem by essentially insuring and giving you the option to recover your files. As the most widely used data recovery tool around, Disk Drill helps you back your files on a regular basis and save lost files from damaged hard drives if things ever go south. The ultimate Mac optimization app, CleanMyMac X keeps your Mac free of any junk, safely and completely uninstalls old apps, and protects you from being affected by malware.

Just launch Setapp and try out as many apps as you want, turning your transition to Mac from a chore to a pleasurable discovery. Our newsletter is typed with care for all the Mac-loving app-connoisseurs.

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Subscribe for a few notes from us each month containing app tutorials, productivity tips, and the latest Mac buzz. Try free. Use third-party browsers on Mac If Safari is not your first browser of choice and using Internet Explorer for Mac is at the very least quite complicated, you can download any other stable and widely used browser out there and make it the default one on your macOS. Firefox Firefox is another great everyday browser. Brave Brave is a newcomer to the browser arena that first appear only in Keep in mind your internet provider can see what you are downloading through all your browsers.

You can google the one yourself, or start with a well-known solution, Nord VPN on sale now. One of its most distinguishing features is its Nitro JavaScript engine, which performs up to eight times faster than Internet Explorer, and over four times faster than Firefox. In addition, Safari includes speculative loading, which loads documents, scripts and style information ahead of time; and a smart address field, which autocompletes. This best web browser for Mac has a built-in functionality to share email, Message, Twitter and Facebook. Chrome browser for Mac was developed by Google, and has been applauded since its release.

In addition, Chrome has instant search capabilities, permits the synchronization of bookmarks, settings and history across all devices via a Google Account, and has unparalleled security features. Its security is based on the Sandbox model, which isolates the processes and prevents the browser from interacting with certain operative system functions. Furthermore, it gives the user the choice to use the Privacy Mode, which forbids the browser from permanently storing browsing history or cookies.

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  4. Google has also added the possibility for third parties to develop apps, extensions, and themes, which must be contained in a. The visual aspects are also good, as the user has many available themes to customize the appearance of the browser. Summarizing, Chrome presents a third party great choice, in terms of speed, efficiency and functionality. Torch browser for Mac is an app intended to be different from the norm.

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    It was developed by Torch Media, based on the open source Chromium code. Torch has been available as commercial freeware since , and used by more than 10 million people. This new release offers arguably the fastest browsing speed available today.

    According to the developer, this version is twice as fast than its predecessors. Some speed tests showed that Mozilla Firefox only takes under a minute to start.

    The app averages 4. Besides speedy browsing rate, Mozilla Firefox also boasts a well-laid out and clean interface, making it easy to locate tools and features. From the homepage, you can access not just the Google search box but other settings, including your downloads, bookmarks, history, synchronization, and add-ons. More so, you can customize your toolbars to tailor it to your needs. You can even use a dual URL and search field. Mozilla also launched a new updated version of its Facebook container extension which now allows you to put Facebook share and like buttons into the container.

    You can also disable them by default so that Facebook won't be able to build a useful shadow profile of you when you're locked out. Perhaps what helps Mozilla Firefox boost its browsing speed is its anti-tracking features. Some studies claim that tracking actually slows down your browsing because of the data exchange that is required to track your movements through the web.


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    Mozilla Firefox provides enhanced tracking protection. This way, not only will it prevent browsing to slow down, but it can also protect you from websites which collects your internet activity. This tracking protection is customizable , and you can adjust the level of blocking you want. You can choose to block some tracking, or you can choose to block all tracking. You even have the option to create a list of specific websites that you wish to block. In the browser, you can see the feature in the form of a new set of controls in the setting menu. You can also click the new shield icon in the URL bar to enable the tracking protection.

    The enhanced tracking protection function also blocks third-party tracking cookies based on its disconnect list. On top of protecting your computer from malware, Mozilla Firefox also expanded its Lockbox Password manager to the desktop version, renaming it to Lockwise.

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    4. This browser extension is a straightforward password manager that makes the passwords you save in the app available on all your devices. Mozilla also launched a new dashboard for Firefox Monitor , which lets you check whether your email addresses popped up in any data breaches.