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I use JotNot on the iPhone to capture receipts for expense reports, but the files are huge. Any ideas for somebody like me? ShrinkIt is unfortunately not useful either. Fantastic, thanks! Much obliged to you. This worked perfectly for me on Mountain Lion. I export my pdf in preview to reduce the file size and the new saved file size is exactly the same size as the original?

Your file size reduction filter worked beautifully. Just what I was looking for! Thank you very much!! Thank you thank you! Gmail wont let you send files larger than 25mb so this comes in handy.

Thank you — this has been so helpful and I appreciate you for posting it here for the rest of us! I tried this in Yosemite and it took a I borrowed these setting suggestions from meyerweb. In my case, using OS X After doing that the new filter showed up in Preview. This resulted in a 1. This was so helpful for me when I was creating my image-heavy portfolio! Thank you so much for a simple and elegant solution! E-mail required but not displayed. Management reserves the right to edit or remove any comment , especially when abusive or irrelevant to the topic at hand.

If you're satisfied with what you've written, then go ahead Drop the unzipped. Rename the filter to whatever will help you remember its purpose. Thursday, February 25th, pm Rob L.

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This will come in handy for sure. Nice trick though, that should come in handy someday. Great technique. Mind if I steal it for my conferences? PS — good luck in Seattle! Now I have have a 7Mb happy medium! Worked brilliant! I reduced a 5. Love it, worked well in Snow Leopard. Please advise. Great tip: Works perfectly! This worked successfully for me in OSX Cron Scripts-maintenance: This is a big deal and very important maintenance routine especially if you are seeing any wierd behavior.

A visitor emailed me about my referencing "cron scripts" in OS-X and linked me to this Apple forum disscussion. Slow Mac Cleaner Apps:.

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Many bloggers and respected websites are accusing some of these apps as malware -- if you are thinking of trying one out, please add "malware" to a product name search before downloading it. If you must try it, I recommend creating a restorable backup clone of your hard drive before installing it. I am trying to filter these "cleaner" apps from appearing in my ADs, but use them at your own discretion. The Search tip: enter "combo" in your search on Apple's download page. The advantages or pros of using the Combo Updates is it goes in and replaces the updated parts of the system.

The con is the Combo Updates are usually well over MB to download. Again, running a Combo Updater is something to try before giving up on a flaky installed system For help with troubleshooting Adobe Photoshop.

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For help evaluating and troubleshooting monitor color problems, bad color. For help with troubleshooting Mac OS 9. The point is:. We may also pull good Preferences from cloned drives so our Preferences are backed up in the process. It is easy to drag a set of Photoshop preferences out of the cloned back up and copy them over to a working install, for example, if you dread re-configuring or troubleshooting Adobe Photoshop preferences.

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What is a cloned hard drive? A cloned hard drive is an exact bootable copy, a mirror image, of source hard drive. Typically that means my working boot drive with all my applications installed, and all my preferences set up. I can also use my backup cloned hard drive to RESTORE a freshly-formatted hard drive and get back to work in an hour or so on my fully-tuned working restored hard drive. How to Back Up or Clone a boot system-applications hard drive:. Here is Apple's official Knowledge Base article HT "Learn how to set up Time Machine to perform backups, how to restore items or your entire system from a backup, how to use existing backups on a new Mac, and more.

When to back up? I make my first clone right after I have installed my main applications, ran all the updaters, and set all their preferences, but if your install is running stable now, NOW is the time to back up your bootable system hard drive BEFORE you have to learn this lesson the Hard Way! I generally make a second clone after I have installed minor applications like bookkeeping and font management apps, printer and scanner drivers, system haxies, games, and plug-ins. I prefer to keep data files Music, Pictures, font libraries, Documents, backups on other drives so the boot drive keeps only system and application files.

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This keeps my system backup small and apart from my data files:. I prefer to make full complete cloned system hard drive clones versus incremental backups like how Time Machine app works. The bottom line is create the types of backups you understand and use the workflows that fit your needs, but take a few minutes now to figure out and setup a back-up strategy in place. Some people fear initializing, reformatting, erasing their computer and starting over with a clean install.

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My experience is that spending two or eight hours reinstalling everything is a lot better than wasting days, weeks, months pulling hair out and losing work on a corrupted system or bad hardware. New to the Mac operating system? Mac Getting Started with the Mac Whether you want to learn how to get around your Mac desktop or find out what a desktop is, for that matter figure out how to connect your printer, iPod, iPhone, iPad, digital camera, or other device discover email and the Internet learn how to do various tasks learn how to use the software that came with your Mac or even find out what to do when things don't go as planned we have the answers.

Switch Migrate to the Mac Welcome to the Mac family! If you're a PC user who has just switched to the Mac and want to find out how to adapt your old working habits to the Mac OS you've come to the right place. You could modify these settings temporarily, and then return to these fairly save settings, but there is an easier way around the problem:. This will bring up a slightly different error dialog:. For a program installer that is probably not such a big deal — once the software is installed, we do no longer need to run it — but if you ever run into this error with software that is actually installed in your Applications folder, this is the way to make it run every time you double-click it.

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