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Special algorithms used for quantisation in video compression, e. The control of resource allocation or assignment e.

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CPU time, memory, allocation of digital processing units, workload distribution among processors , e. Availability of hardware or computational resources, e. The adaptation of the scanning of coding units, e. Subject matter wherein the entropy coding is adapted, e. Adaptive sampling, masking or truncation of coding units, e.

Determination of motion inside a coding unit, e. The measure of motion performed by explicitly using motion vectors e. Determination of coding unit complexity, e.

Mac audio mp 4405

Picture signal circuitry for video frequency region, e. The adaptive control of video compression by using information about the data rate or code amount at the encoder output. The adaptation of encoding as a function of data rate or code amount determined according to rate-distortion criteria, e. A function of target parameters, as output rate and quality measurement after decoding e. The estimation of the code amount by means of a model, e. Methods or arrangements, for coding, decoding, compressing or decompressing digital video signals using adaptive coding characterised by the adaptation method, adaptation tool or adaptation type used for the adaptive coding.

The estimation of the code amount by off-line encoding, i. The control of the video coding by using the measurement of fullness in the transmission buffer, where the buffer may be implicit, as e. The control of video coding by means of quality after decoding, as measured, e. Data rate or code amount at the encoder output, e. The control of video coding in dependence of the availability of hardware or computational resources, e. Prioritisation of hardware or computational resources, e.

The control of encoding as a function of the feedback from the receiver or from the transmission channel in a general telecommunication context is covered in H04L and H04W. Control signalling related to video distribution between receiver, transmitter, and network components. Definition of the video coding units that are controlled by or controlling the adaptive coding. Adaptive coding on any groups of blocks as long as these are linked to each other in a well-defined manner, such as slices in AVC and tiles in HEVC. Special mathematical or algorithmic formulations for the methods or tools used for video coding adaptation.

The formulation in terms of optimisation based on Lagrange multiplier techniques, as e. Details of the mathematical laws or algorithms used for computation of encoding parameters like e.

Mac audio mp 4405

Neighbouring coding units may relate to views, layers, spatial or temporal neighbours. Hierarchical and scalability techniques cf. Processing of video elementary streams in the server, e. Processing of video elementary streams in the server involving reformatting operations of video signals for distribution or compliance with end-user requests or end-user device requirements, e. Processing of video elementary streams in the client device, e.

A discrete bitmap generally binary defining the part of a frame constituting a given object, e. A unified background image derived by compositing the backgrounds of the single frames of a video sequence, e. It may be static or dynamic.

CPC Definition - Subclass H04N

The coded representation of the spatiotemporal positioning of audio-visual objects as well as their behaviour in response to interaction, as e. A picture component that is coded by geometric modelling with synthesizing at reconstruction e.

Processing of video elementary streams in the client device involving reformatting operations of video signals for household redistribution, storage of real-time display, e. Scalability in terms of frame rate, meaning that a given bit stream includes different sub-streams each with a different frame rate or sub-streams that, when combined, increase the output frame rate. Scalability in terms of spatial video sampling rate or resolution e. Performing hierarchical or layered coding by acting on temporal resolution, e.

Performing hierarchical or layered coding by acting on spatial resolution, e.

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The preliminary organisation of the video elementary stream with assignment of different priorities or importance to data to be further transmitted, e. Transcoding of the elementary video stream at the level of digital video coding, i.

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Processing of video elementary streams at a server involving reformatting operations of video signals. Processing of video elementary streams at a client device involving reformatting operations of video signals. Information retrieval, e. Implementation details or hardware specific for elementary video compression or decompression, e. Control arrangements or circuits for visual indicators common to cathode-ray tube indicators and other visual indicators, e.

Video decoders not symmetric with the corresponding encoders, i. Details of the embedding of additional information during the coding process, which is embedded into the image part or into the auxiliary information of the elementary video bit stream in order to be invisible, e. Circuits or arrangements for control or supervision between transmitter and receiver, e. Generation or processing of content or additional data for video distribution by content creator independently of the distribution process; Content for video distribution per se.

Details of compressed domain processing techniques other than decoding, e. Transform coding constitutes a significant non trivial detail used in combination with predictive coding. Conversion of standards for analogue television systems, e. A two-dimensional vector used for inter prediction that provides an offset from the coordinates in the decoded picture to the coordinates in a reference picture.

Process to estimate the part of motion in a video sequence caused by camera motion, e. Motion estimation performed on the same picture of a video sequence at different spatial sampling resolutions coarse-to-fine: starting from the lowest resolution; fine-to-coarse: starting from the highest resolution. A part of background or of a foreground object that is hidden in one frame and then uncovered in a following frame.

A region in a reference frame, where the search for the block or feature best matching the current block or feature is performed. Uni-directional or bi-directional motion compensation with more than one reference frame per direction. Temporal interpolation where a frame is predicted as a function both of a preceding anchor frame and of a succeeding anchor frame, e. Prediction of a frame P pred from an anchor frame P anc that is not the closest anchor frame preceding or succeeding the frame to be predicted, cf. Video object coding with coding of regions that are present throughout a whole video segment, e.

Sub-sampling or interpolation in the temporal domain during digital video compression or decompression. Conversion of standards for analogue television systems, at pixel level involving interpolation processes. Digital video compression involving spatial prediction techniques, e. Details of stereoscopic or multi-view digital video coding including processing e. Motion estimation or compensation, e. Fourier, Walsh or analogous domain transformations in general, e.

Transform based predictive video coders of the type displayed in the figure below, i. Techniques applied at the level of encoding the elementary video stream for the purpose of increasing the error resilience thereof. Systems for detection or correction of transmission errors in the transmission of television signals using pulse code modulation.

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Selective content distribution, e. Arrangements for detecting or preventing errors in the information received, e. A special Variable Length Coding binary word inserted to allow re-initialisation of VLC decoding, which is forced by the marker.